DEWALT HangerWorks V2.0

HangerWorks V2.0 Now Available!

New Features:

  • Gripple® Seismic Cable Bracing now included
  • Roller clevis options
  • Powder actuated fasteners with duct strap
  • Multi-hanger editing
  • New and improved system rules
  • Automatic Trimble® and APL points for all anchors

DEWALT HangerWorks Point Loads and Seismic

Point Loads and Seismic

  • Real-time load calculations as the model changes
  • Calculates loads based on system material and content
  • Adjusts point loads and stress differences between left and right components
  • Validates load on hanger components

DEWALT HangerWorks Layout


  • Provides manufacturer specified hanger component catalogs
  • Accurate dimensional information, engineering properties and cost information
  • Optimizes hanger component selection and size to support the weight
  • Enables users to discover clashes that would have previously been overlooked which improves the BIM workflow

DEWALT HangerWorks Scheduling and BOMs

Scheduling and BOMs

  • Provides the ability to compare cost by creating accurate Bill of Materials for various systems
  • Configure fields for individual cost content:
    • Components
    • Installation times
    • Shop and field labor rates
  • Performs true cost benefit analysis on design selections
DEWALT HangerWorks Prefabrication


  • Shop drawings / Prefab Sheets / Cut List report is auto-generated for prefabrication containing lists of all components and cut lengths which can be sent to the fabrication shop
  • Exportable hanger points from the model
  • Engineering Report with all point loads and full calculations
  • Hanger Labels
  • Bill of Materials for all hanger and bracing components simplifies ordering and planning of material deliveries