DFD270SK DFD270 Tool Single Shot (Deluxe Kit) Fully-Automatic .27 Caliber Powder-Actuated Tool

The DFD270 .27 Caliber Fully-Automatic Powder-Actuated Tool is designed for structural use in commercial steel and concrete applications. The nailer drives both 8mm and .300” head fasteners and clips in lengths of 1/2” – 2-7/8”, as well as 1/4” threaded studs. It is powered by a standard .27 caliber (short) safety strip load. A power dial allows for adjustment within .27 caliber load colors. Tool-free disassembly allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The DFD270 tool features automatic piston return and load indexing between fastenings, making it ideal for high-capacity commercial applications. Kit includes tool, Single Shot nose piece, cleaning kit, spall guard, and kit box.

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